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Pape - before

H. Pape (American - 1945), "Boats at Kennebunk" oil on canvas.

This American artist may have decided to paint over an earlier work because
materials were expensive and in short supply during WW II.  The result was
that the image layer of this work was falling off where it had adherred poorly
to the original surface.
Pape - after

"Boats at Kennebunk" after conservation.

After cleaning, rehydration, and repair of areas of loss, this painting 
was returned to its original state.



Artists have resorted to various expedients over the years which 
then become the subject of conservation or restoration.  These two 
paintings by Harold Liebman (German - American, 1895 - 1960) were 
trimmed to the edge by the artist himself.  The painting of the three 
hounds was then glued to a piece of masonite; the other painting was 
simply hung up by two pieces of thread.

Here they are being prepared to be lined and eventually placed on 


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