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William Vollmer (German-American c. 1850), 
"Portrait of Maria Keppler" b. 1817 (detail), 
oil on canvas

William Vollmer was a German-American painter 
who painted this portrait of his mother-in-law,
Swiss-born Maria Keppler, after she arrived in New 
York.  Vollmer reworked this painting quite a bit, 
especially around the left side of Mrs. Keppler's 
face - her lips and eyes.  Later repairs showed 
obvious discoloration.  The work also had
areas of loss of the image layer.

"Portrait of Maria Keppler" after conservation
(above and middle left.)



Sometimes more recent artwork requires
more extensive attention than older works.  
The painting below by the Norwegian-American 
painter and designer Lorenz Kleiser of his 
daughter, Helene, was originally done on
canvas in 1923. It was later damaged in
an earthquake in California and was mounted
on board.  Over the years it experienced
loss of the image layer and various dings
and folds along the edges.

Helene Russell - before

Lorenz Kleiser, "Portrait of Helene" 1923, before & after.

Helene Russell - after


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