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Talmage detail

Algernon M. Talmage, 1929 - "Landscape with goats" (detail), 
oil on canvas

Algernon M. Talmage (British 1871-1939) was a painter of landscapes,
animals and figure studies.  He is well documented and his works are
represented in the Tate Gallery and other British museums.

This painting, once in the collection of an English noblewoman, eventually
found its way to a hotel in the United States.  There, unfortunately, 
the weight of its heavy frame proved too much for the faming hardware
which pulled out and the picture came crashing to the floor.

Talmage, who appears to have been a fast and facile painter, had not
allowed adequete time for the image layer of the painting to properly
adher to the gesso layer.  The impact of the painting hitting the floor
resulted in 10 - 15% of the image layer popping off.  Subsequent
storage in a humid, poorly ventilated area, produced further damage
and paint loss.
Talmage 2

Talmage, "Landscape with goats" after several months of
rehydration and careful restoration of the underlying paint
layer. Minor areas of paint loss have already been repaired
by this stage.

Talmage 3

As work proceeded, areas with persistent "tenting" of paint are either
repaired or painsakingly replaced.  At this point the project looked like
it might never be complete.




Talmage 4

Nearly, but not quite finished.


Talmage - 5

Finished at last.


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