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Bundy woman dirty

Horace Bundy - "Portrait of a woman" (detail), oil on canvas

Horace Bundy (American 1814-1863) was an itinerant painter 
born in Hardwick, VT.   He often painted couples, as in this pair 
of paintings, and he often used a characteristic oval format.

Both paintings had a heavy layer of grime when they arrived for 
conservation (see above and upper right.)
Bundy man dirty

Horace Bundy - "Portrait of a gentleman" (detail), oil on canvas

Bundy side by side

Horace Bundy - "Portrait of a woman" (left), and "Portrait of
a gentleman," (right.)


Both paintings were obscured by the accumulated grime of years 
as can be seen on the untouched portrait at the the left.  The 
portrait on the right has undergone the first stages of cleaning.

Horace Bundy - "Portrait of a woman" and "Portrait of a gentleman"
in the final stage before a protective layer of archival varnish is


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