Roosevelt Fine Art LLC

Unknown artist - "Woman in blue" (before restoration left; after restoration, 
right), oil on panel  a seemingly hopeless project, restored after many hours of 
meticulous work.

Roosevelt Fine Art was established in 1984 to promote the 
production and sale of fine art limited edition prints. In 2002, 
Maria and Michael Roosevelt added art and antique doll restoration 
and conservation to the list of services provided by Roosevelt Fine 
Art.  Maria has many years of restoration and conservation experience 
from apprenticing with her grandmother who was herself the daughter 
of an accomplished painter and craftsman.

Maria is experienced in the restoration and conservation of paintings, and antique bisque and china dolls. She has done projects for individuals and institutions, as well as cataloguing for major auction houses and consultation with collectors.

Rachel Ruysch (Dutch 1664-1750)- "Still life with peaches."
Roosevelt Fine Art specializes in high quality but affordable restoration 
and conservation of paintings and other artwork which may not 
warrant the attention of costly conservation laboratories.  

We do not offer services such as X-rays or vacuum table lining
of paintings.  We do offer restoration and conservation
of family heirlooms or recently acquired auction finds.

P.O. Box 162
West Danville, VT 05873
Tel: (802) 563-2215


Unknown (American c. 1800) - "Portrait of Mrs. Weeks," 
(right) oil or canvas.

This large portrait of a member of the Weeks
family, Oyster Bay, New York, was cleaned, 
retouched, and revarnished - a routine
conservation project.


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